Group of Photochemistry and Materials

National University of Río Cuarto

Who we are and what we do

We are group of chemists, physicists and biologists working for the Argentinean National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) and the National University of Río Cuarto. The Photochemistry and Materials group (PhotoMat) jointly led by Lorena Gomez, Carlos Chesta and Rodrigo Palacios has a broad range of interest that converge in the development of new materials, mostly polymeric and nanostructured, with potential application on nanomedicine, environmental remediation and energy conversion. For the synthesis, characterization and application of these materials we frequently employ photophysical and photochemical tools. Given our formal training as photochemists we are frequently interested in understanding basic mechanisms (usually photoinduced) taking place during preparation or application of these novel materials.

Development and applications of nanostructured polymers

Therapies against cancer and microorganisms, water decontamination , ultrasensitive sensors

The development of new materials with the ability to solve countless dificulties in actual society is a permanent challenge, since diseases with high mortality rate to environmental issues. Under this circumstances the scientifics can no longer think about only in the design of new materials they also have to think about the impact that structure will have in the desired properties. Thus, it is imperative to internalize existing demands and work closely with professionals from other areas.

The most outstanding research works that we are carrying on nowadays are focused in the development, study and application of the followed materials:

Our interest for creating new materials with specific applications take us to enhance the undertanding about the basic principles that determinate the formation and relation structure-properties of the same materials. For this purpose our group develop new advanced optical microscopy techniques of molecule/indivual particle that are unique in our country and allow the precise study of nanostructured complex materials.

Our research gruop has access to advanced synthesis equipment and characterization of the developed materials. We also count with a high number of national and internationals collaborations that strengthen our work and it allow to our group members to participate in internships at advaced research centers.